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5 Reasons to Love Hinged Wardrobe Doors

Hinged wardrobe doors are always popular and with good reason. At Pine Tree Lane, we use soft closing, European quality hinges to ensure a great experience with your wardrobe. After all, it is your personal space and should leave you feeling relaxed. Here are a few pointers that will help you make an informed choice when selecting hinged doors for your wardrobe. You Can See Inside Your Whole Wardrobe At Once. Can’t decide what to match with your new blouse? With hinged wardrobe doors you can see into your whole wardrobe and get an overview of all the clothes and accessories you own. They Fit Into Those Awkward Spaces. Awkward room lines and sloping ceilings make sliding doors unfeasible. Hinged doors can open up those corners that might otherwise be wasted, reducing ‘dead space’ in your home. You Get A Few Hidden Extras. With a hinged door you can choose to have a ‘hidden’ mirror (or a poster of your favorite artist) on the inside of the door, giving your wardrobe extra functionality and giving you your private space. They’re Easy To Clean. Over time, clothing fibers and dust can build up in various corners and spaces in the wardrobe. With hinged doors wide open, it’s easy to get in there and clean. They Suit A Wider Range Of Interior Design Styles. Hinged wardrobe doors are incredibly versatile and can suit any and all tastes. Sliding wardrobe doors mainly have a modern edge, but hinged doors can be both modern and traditional – and changing an element as simple as door handles can be enough to switch up their style. Speak to our wardrobe experts today to know more on our #customwardrobe styles and designs to choose the right one for your space.

4 Tips To Create The Ultimate Stress-free Kitchen

At Pine Tree Lane, we want you to get the most out of your custom kitchen and we start by determining the best possible kitchen layout to suit your requirements. We have listed four factors to keep in mind when planning your kitchen renovation or remodeling: Start With The Work Triangle The concept of a ‘work triangle’ was first developed in the 1920’s in America to optimise the functionality of the modern kitchen design. The triangle aims to reduce movement between the stove top, fridge and sink so you can prepare your meals more efficiently. Position According To Function When designing your kitchen, it is important to place appliances where they are going to be used. The dishwasher should be close to the sink in order for the plates to be easily rinsed before loading. For the same reason, a coffee and tea station should be next to a tap and close to the fridge. There are various minor adjustments that can make a significant difference to the making a kitchen functional and your overall experience as a user. Consider The Flow Even in a big kitchen, it is very important to think of how many people will be using the space. A space of at least 900mm between kitchen cabinets and 1200mm where the door of an oven or dishwasher needs to open is recommended for an unrestricted and optimal user experience. Make Clean-up Easy A few small points can make all the difference in creating a comfortable and efficient work area in your kitchen. Make sure that you have a bin near your main prep area. Allow for a cupboard under, over or next to a sink for storage and access to cleaning materials. Ensure that your recycling bins and main waste bin are easily accessible and close to the back door to simplify the removal of waste. Our custom made kitchens are tailored to your requirements to ensure you have all that you need for the best kitchen design and a relaxing experience. Contact us today to know more on how you can make your kitchen your haven.

4 Reasons to Love Sliding Wardrobe Doors

If you are considering doing up your new bedroom space or re-doing an existing one, do not overlook your wardrobe- it is the most functional aspect in your bedroom. Sliding door wardrobes are a popular and trendy choice and we have put together the top 4 reasons as to why this is the case: 1. They’re Perfect For Smaller Spaces. In smaller spaces, hinged doors or doors that open out can take up available and usable space or simply not fit altogether. Sliding door wardrobes will fit into the smallest of spaces, making the remaining space accessible. 2. You Can Make It An All-in-one Dressing Station. When you custom make your wardrobe with Pine Tree Lane, all elements will be tailored to your specifications. You can simply add a full length mirror for your wardrobe to double up as your dressing space plus it will make your space automatically look bigger. 3. Create A Design You Love. With reflective and coloured glass, sensor based LED lighting systems, custom handles and an array of finish styles and colours, we can create a fully bespoke wardrobe according to your requirements. 4. Consider It An Investment. Generally, sliding door wardrobes are considered a luxury wardrobe and will benefit you if you decide to sell in the future. And the European hardware and lighting systems offered by Pine Tree Lane will leave a lasting impression. We can help you make an informed decision on the type of door suitable for your space and based on your requirements. Speak to our team at Pine Tree Lane today and get started on your custom sliding door wardrobe

Kitchen Cabinet Styles & Trends

Cabinets play an important role in both your kitchen’s appearance and functionality. From cleverly concealed appliances to unique cabinetry designs- at Pine Tree Lane we have something for every taste and style. Shaker Style Shaker cabinets are quickly becoming a popular cabinet style for kitchens of every style. The simple, square-paneled doors look flawless with any hardware. This kitchen features beautiful grey shaker cabinets that enhance the feel of the space.   Dark Finishes Dark kitchen cabinets look clean and handsome. Especially when topped with an engineered wood countertop or even a contrasting sleek white quartz. Kitchens like these look on-trend and classic all at once.  Flat Fronts  This modern kitchen features white, flat-panel cabinets on the top and a veneer sapele for the base with quartz countertops and backsplash. Contemporary bar stool seating and a multifunctional island adds to the modern style of this kitchen. Goodbye Cabinet Doors This gourmet kitchen grounds its airy, white cabinetry by painting the island a beautiful shade of royal blue. This island features only drawers for easy storage and access. And of course the brass handles add a lovely feel to the island. All our kitchens are fitted with LED lights, soft closing hinges and quality hardware to ensure your kitchen experience is nothing short of the best. Speak to our team at Pine Tree Lane to know more about #trending kitchen designs today.  

4 Tips To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe Design

Designing your ideal wardrobe may seem intimidating at first. But once you start, think out and plan exactly what you’re looking for, you will be able to design the right wardrobe to fit your space, your way. This week we look at four tips to help you create your perfect wardrobe design. Start with functionality. You may like a walk-in closet or want rows to display your handbags- but the first thing you need to question is: Is this truly functional? A great way to start is by looking at the contents of your wardrobe: your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and decide accordingly. Focus on organization. It’s no good having a beautifully designed wardrobe if the organization inside does not meet your requirements. At Pine Tree Lane, you will consult with our design experts to customize your space your way. As well as having to look good, remember the main function of a wardrobe is to store your clothes, so don’t let the design from the outside override your main objective inside. Remember lighting. Now you have all of your clothes well organized you need to be able to see them properly, so good lighting is key! Pine Tree Lane offers sensor based lighting systems to give you the ultimate wardrobe experience. Consider colors. Choosing a color for your wardrobe may not always be as simple. Pine Tree Lane offers color samples to ensure you see the actual color and not just what is on the shade card so you are satisfied and confident with your choice of color.   Our team of designers and craftsmen are available to assist you every step of the way and Pine Tree Lane also offers warranty on custom Wardrobes for your peace of mind. Contact us to get started on your custom wardrobe project today.

The ‘what’, ‘why’ & ‘how’s For Popular Kitchen Countertop Choices

Selecting a countertop surface material for your lifestyle is the first step to a functional kitchen. Your counters are, after all, where the cooking actually happens. Aside from this, countertops take up a lot of visual real estate and therefore the materials you choose will be as much for utility as for style. That said, choosing the right countertop can be tricky. Between natural, engineered, and man-made materials and the color options with each, there’s a lot to learn. We’ve prepared a quick list of the most popular countertops used in kitchen designs/ of 2021. Porcelain Countertops Non-absorbent and thermal shock resistant, stain resistant, easy maintenance and durable and available in various colors and textures. Popular choice for outdoors. Quartz Countertops Demands very low maintenance as a work surface. Engineered quartz countertops are stain, acid, scratch, heat and impact resistant. Quartz worktops are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. Wood Countertops Depending on the type of wood, these countertops can be sanitary and are heat resistant. However, you have to be mindful about water spills and regular maintenance to keep the work surfaces looking smart. Granite Countertops Provides a durable prep surface. Generally, the cost of granite is comparable to that of quartz but requires more care than manufactured quartz— stains should be wiped quickly, especially oils, wine, acids and soda, and follow an annual sealing routine. Laminate Countertops A pocket-friendly work surface option, laminate countertops are gaining popularity due to new patterns that resemble natural stone, wood or even quartz. These countertops will not stain, however they are not water resistant or scratch resistant.   Marble Countertops The high-end expensive worktop choice. When compared to Quartz or even Granite, marble is porous and therefore can stain easily and is not scratch-proof. Regular sealing and care is required to maintain the smooth and sleek textures.

How To Optimize Your Storage In Your Kitchen

Can you ever have enough storage in a kitchen? It seems that no matter how many kitchen cabinets your kitchen design has, you still manage to fill them up. But how can you make the most out of your space to ensure you have enough room for all your food and kitchen goods?   Here we look at six ways you can optimize the storage space in your kitchen design without having to renovate or update anything.   Declutter And Organize The key to optimizing your kitchen storage is to declutter and reorganize everything you have as if you’re starting from scratch. It’s amazing how much clutter we accumulate in a kitchen – from food items that are past their expiry date to excess mugs or crockery we never use. Take time to remove everything from the kitchen cabinets and organize exactly what you need to put back in before you start. Once you know the number of items you need to store, it’s easier to make a plan as to where everything should go.   Go High  When there’s no space width wise, store up high! Invest in some kitchen cabinet dividing shelves so that what was just one shelf can quickly become two. This is perfect for kitchen cabinets that store small items like mugs or cans and jars, as you’re able to quickly and affordably double the surface space available.   Use Storage To Accessorize Storage doesn’t just have to be hidden away in cupboards or kitchen cabinets. You can also make your storage part of the kitchen style and design by choosing pieces that double up as accessories. Some favourites include tin bread bins, rattan baskets for household items like cleaning products, or cool looking jars to hold kitchen utensils on the kitchen countertops.   Consider Hanging Items Another great way to incorporate storage solutions and style in your kitchen design is to have hooks or hanging space for certain items. This could be hanging pots from the ceiling above your kitchen island or hooks on the wall to hang your kitchen utensils. Bring in silver, copper or black elements and you can easily make a design feature within your kitchen.   Open Shelving The storage solutions in your kitchen do not need to stop with your kitchen cabinets. If space allows, consider open shelving which can house items like cookery books, serving ware or everyday items like coffee or tea jars. By having your most attractive pieces out on display you are able to free up cupboard space for things that need to be hidden.   Decant Large Items Into Jars Another thing you can consider in order to save space within your kitchen design is to decant large food items into glass jars. These can then be out on the display within your kitchen – for example on the open shelves or empty countertops. What’s more, doing this encourages you to recycle empty plastic containers or cardboard boxes and instead refill items directly into your glass jars.   No matter the size or design of your kitchen there are always ways you can increase and optimize your storage space. And the best part? You can do the majority of these without spending a fortune.

5 Modern Ideas For A Custom-made TV Cabinet

Are you struggling to find the right TV unit for your living room style? Maybe you’ve found options you like but they’re either out of your price range or not available where you live?   Why not have your dream TV unit custom-built – giving you a piece of unique modern furniture that you will cherish for years to come.   Here we look at five styles to bear in mind when you’re thinking about having a TV unit custom-made.      Have A System Made To Look Built In By building out a custom piece of furniture, you will be able to create a TV unit that looks like it’s been built into the wall. Easy and affordable to create, a built-in unit looks sleek and sophisticated and lasts the test of time as it won’t date or appear old-fashioned.   Have A Floating TV If you have a TV bench but instead attach the TV to the wall above using a TV bracket, you will be able to create a floating TV look, which is super stylish and versatile. Add two or so floating shelves above and you have a comprehensive, custom designed TV unit that will look great. This also lends itself well to those who regularly upgrade their TVs and the space won’t restrict you to a certain size.   L Shaped Unit Another popular modern option when it comes to custom built TV cabinets is to have an L-shape piece of furniture designed. The bottom would be your standard TV bench, with space for your TV and cable boxes, and the vertical L can be used for storage, books or as open shelving that you can accessorize.   Make A TV Wall Feature If you’re placing your TV on a wall that has no other furniture, you’re able to create a feature wall for it to sit in front of. Whether that’s woodwork on the wall such as paneling or geometric designs, wallpaper or brightly painted wall, creating a feature out of the wall is the perfect solution for those that don’t like the TV to be too prominent in the design of their living room.   Keep It Simple One way to have a simple, yet elegant, design for your custom-built TV cabinet is to have a standalone bench, and nothing else. The bench can have closed doors for storage or be completely open. Having something simple like this means the rest of the living room design can speak out, and eyes don’t instantly go to the TV when you enter the room. This is always popular with those that like a minimal, clutter-free design. Add some artwork such as large framed posters either side of the bench and you’re good to go.   If you’re planning on having a TV cabinet or unit custom-built, hopefully these ideas will help you before you get started. Always consider a mix of design and functionality when planning a piece of custom furniture and you won’t ever be disappointed with the outcome!

6 Kitchen Styles That Are On Trend This Year

Looking to revamp your kitchen style but falling short on the best design idea to go with? Creating a modern kitchen design can be tricky, especially if interior design isn’t your strong point. You’ll have clear ideas on what you need functionality-wise – such as extra cupboard space, integrated appliances or smart technology features – but you may be confused on kitchen styles and cabinet designs, especially if you’re working with a small kitchen. Here we have put together six kitchen ideas to help you create a space that is not only functional but also fully on trend in 2020, and beyond. White Marble While marble has always been a firm favorite when it comes to kitchen décor, acting as a gorgeous countertop in modern kitchen designs. But something that is definitely on trend at the moment is to continue your white marble countertops up to a matching backsplash, creating a smooth, streamlined finish. Plus, as marble is so versatile, it goes with any kitchen cabinet design and never dates, so you can be sure this is a 2020 kitchen design trend that’s staying put for a while! Reclaimed Wood Adding a rustic and industrial look to any kitchen, incorporating reclaimed wood is a firm favorite 2020 kitchen design trend. Whether that’s by having reclaimed wood open shelves alongside your kitchen cabinets or a wooden kitchen island, this can add extra depth and texture to your kitchen design. Go Green A kitchen design trend that is most definitely here to stay is sustainability. More and more people are now consciously looking into the materials used in their home, and most importantly in the heart of their home that is the kitchen. Whether that’s by using recycled wood or less plastic, or having smart technology help you make the kitchen greener, there are endless ways of creating a sustainable kitchen design, at both ends of the budget. Paint The Town Green The colour green is always flittering on the edge of trending, but this year kitchens have gone crazy for it! From dark, deep emeralds to sage and mint, kitchen design ideas are using green in everything from the colour of the kitchen cabinets to hints within the accessories. If you’re not a very daring person and prefer to play it safe, opt for something like white kitchen cabinets and instead focus your design eye on green kitchen accessories and styling pieces. Bold Backsplashes For the most part, backsplashes have always been used in a consistent, subtle manner to tie in the functionality and design within a kitchen. However, 2020 kitchen design sees it coming up big and bold! From geometric patterned tiles to bright splashes of colour, creating a backsplash – particularly behind your cooker – that’s wild and crazy is one sure fire way to inject some personality into your kitchen design. Minimalism  Far removed from our previous point, minimalism is a trend that is always on the periphery but not very often adopted. Many people prefer the idea of minimalism in a kitchen rather than the reality of it, with most of us needing to use the countertop space to house various appliances and utensils. However, when done correctly, creating a kitchen design that is smooth, streamlined and clutter free can look stunning. To get it right, turn to some Japanese kitchen designs for inspiration, keeping the colours very neutral and the textures very plain. Whatever kitchen you are planning, make sure you get the final design clear in your head before you start to avoid missing anything out. Hopefully these six ideas will help get you started.

6 Tips To Help You Organize Your Wardrobe On A Budget

Opening your wardrobe every day to a messy pile of unorganized clothes can be quite stressful and most definitely not how you would choose to start your day. Does the mere thought of the inside of your wardrobe stress you out? Are your clothes just shoved inside in a messy, unorganized way? Are you desperate to reorganize your wardrobe but running on a tight budget? Well, here we look at six ways you can organize your wardrobe on a budget without having to buy a new piece of bespoke furniture. Use The Same Style Hangers Having multiple styles and colours of clothes hangers can make even the most gorgeous bespoke wardrobe look like a mess. Instead of mixing plastic, metal and wood hangers, try and stick to the same throughout. If you’re on a budget and do not want to spend money investing in wooden hangers, then you can stick with the metal ones as long as you have the same of everything. Compartmentalize Into Zones Organize the interior of your wardrobe into zones, such as shoes, work wear, evening gear, accessories and so on. If you categorize the interior of your wardrobe it is then easier to structure the layout and ensure you keep all similar items together. Another way of creating a zoning system is to separate your clothes into items, such as trousers, dresses, T-shirts, shirts etc. That way everything is easy to find, without you having to search through your whole wardrobe in order to find one specific piece of clothing. Choose Your Most-used Items When arranging the categories for your clothes in your wardrobe, you also want to make sure your most-used items are easily accessible. For example, if you frequently use scarves you do not want them stored on a top shelf, out of reach. This also works in reverse, so if there are items you hardly ever use, such as winter jackets or formal attire, then you can store them in your wardrobe in a place that is out of the way and so freeing up more space for the items you use all the time. Rearrange Your Shelves And Rails If most of your clothes need to be hung on rails but you find your wardrobe has more drawers or shelf space, then the interiors of the furniture do not fit in with your lifestyle. With the work of a handyman, it is quite simple to rearrange the rails and shelves to fit your needs. By doing so you are able to create a custom furniture interior in your wardrobe and make the maximum use of the space available. Invest In Baskets Or Boxes If you have a lot of shelving space in your wardrobe then you can make the most use out of the space by having some baskets or boxes on each shelf to house your smaller items, such as accessories or small clutch bags and purses. This can also help the interior of your wardrobe look a lot neater, and help you keep it tidy for longer. Group Your Shoes Into Colours Shoes can make even the most beautiful custom furniture look messy as they are all different sizes, colours and ages. One way to help your shoe section of your wardrobe – or your shoe cabinet – to look clean and tidy is to organize them by colour. Within each colour you can then group them into the different styles of shoes, such as all black heels together, followed by black sandals, followed by black loafers and so on.