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How To Optimize Your Storage In Your Kitchen

Can you ever have enough storage in a kitchen? It seems that no matter how many kitchen cabinets your kitchen design has, you still manage to fill them up. But how can you make the most out of your space to ensure you have enough room for all your food and kitchen goods?


Here we look at six ways you can optimize the storage space in your kitchen design without having to renovate or update anything.


Declutter And Organize

The key to optimizing your kitchen storage is to declutter and reorganize everything you have as if you’re starting from scratch. It’s amazing how much clutter we accumulate in a kitchen – from food items that are past their expiry date to excess mugs or crockery we never use. Take time to remove everything from the kitchen cabinets and organize exactly what you need to put back in before you start. Once you know the number of items you need to store, it’s easier to make a plan as to where everything should go.


Go High 

When there’s no space width wise, store up high! Invest in some kitchen cabinet dividing shelves so that what was just one shelf can quickly become two. This is perfect for kitchen cabinets that store small items like mugs or cans and jars, as you’re able to quickly and affordably double the surface space available.


Use Storage To Accessorize

Storage doesn’t just have to be hidden away in cupboards or kitchen cabinets. You can also make your storage part of the kitchen style and design by choosing pieces that double up as accessories. Some favourites include tin bread bins, rattan baskets for household items like cleaning products, or cool looking jars to hold kitchen utensils on the kitchen countertops.


Consider Hanging Items

Another great way to incorporate storage solutions and style in your kitchen design is to have hooks or hanging space for certain items. This could be hanging pots from the ceiling above your kitchen island or hooks on the wall to hang your kitchen utensils. Bring in silver, copper or black elements and you can easily make a design feature within your kitchen.


Open Shelving

The storage solutions in your kitchen do not need to stop with your kitchen cabinets. If space allows, consider open shelving which can house items like cookery books, serving ware or everyday items like coffee or tea jars. By having your most attractive pieces out on display you are able to free up cupboard space for things that need to be hidden.


Decant Large Items Into Jars

Another thing you can consider in order to save space within your kitchen design is to decant large food items into glass jars. These can then be out on the display within your kitchen – for example on the open shelves or empty countertops. What’s more, doing this encourages you to recycle empty plastic containers or cardboard boxes and instead refill items directly into your glass jars.


No matter the size or design of your kitchen there are always ways you can increase and optimize your storage space. And the best part? You can do the majority of these without spending a fortune.

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