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6 Kitchen Styles That Are On Trend This Year

Looking to revamp your kitchen style but falling short on the best design idea to go with?

Creating a modern kitchen design can be tricky, especially if interior design isn’t your strong point. You’ll have clear ideas on what you need functionality-wise – such as extra cupboard space, integrated appliances or smart technology features – but you may be confused on kitchen styles and cabinet designs, especially if you’re working with a small kitchen.

Here we have put together six kitchen ideas to help you create a space that is not only functional but also fully on trend in 2020, and beyond.

White Marble

While marble has always been a firm favorite when it comes to kitchen décor, acting as a gorgeous countertop in modern kitchen designs. But something that is definitely on trend at the moment is to continue your white marble countertops up to a matching backsplash, creating a smooth, streamlined finish. Plus, as marble is so versatile, it goes with any kitchen cabinet design and never dates, so you can be sure this is a 2020 kitchen design trend that’s staying put for a while!

Reclaimed Wood

Adding a rustic and industrial look to any kitchen, incorporating reclaimed wood is a firm favorite 2020 kitchen design trend. Whether that’s by having reclaimed wood open shelves alongside your kitchen cabinets or a wooden kitchen island, this can add extra depth and texture to your kitchen design.

Go Green

A kitchen design trend that is most definitely here to stay is sustainability. More and more people are now consciously looking into the materials used in their home, and most importantly in the heart of their home that is the kitchen. Whether that’s by using recycled wood or less plastic, or having smart technology help you make the kitchen greener, there are endless ways of creating a sustainable kitchen design, at both ends of the budget.

Paint The Town Green

The colour green is always flittering on the edge of trending, but this year kitchens have gone crazy for it! From dark, deep emeralds to sage and mint, kitchen design ideas are using green in everything from the colour of the kitchen cabinets to hints within the accessories. If you’re not a very daring person and prefer to play it safe, opt for something like white kitchen cabinets and instead focus your design eye on green kitchen accessories and styling pieces.

Bold Backsplashes

For the most part, backsplashes have always been used in a consistent, subtle manner to tie in the functionality and design within a kitchen. However, 2020 kitchen design sees it coming up big and bold! From geometric patterned tiles to bright splashes of colour, creating a backsplash – particularly behind your cooker – that’s wild and crazy is one sure fire way to inject some personality into your kitchen design.


Far removed from our previous point, minimalism is a trend that is always on the periphery but not very often adopted. Many people prefer the idea of minimalism in a kitchen rather than the reality of it, with most of us needing to use the countertop space to house various appliances and utensils. However, when done correctly, creating a kitchen design that is smooth, streamlined and clutter free can look stunning. To get it right, turn to some Japanese kitchen designs for inspiration, keeping the colours very neutral and the textures very plain.

Whatever kitchen you are planning, make sure you get the final design clear in your head before you start to avoid missing anything out. Hopefully these six ideas will help get you started.

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