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6 Tips To Help You Organize Your Wardrobe On A Budget

Opening your wardrobe every day to a messy pile of unorganized clothes can be quite stressful and most definitely not how you would choose to start your day.

Does the mere thought of the inside of your wardrobe stress you out? Are your clothes just shoved inside in a messy, unorganized way? Are you desperate to reorganize your wardrobe but running on a tight budget?

Well, here we look at six ways you can organize your wardrobe on a budget without having to buy a new piece of bespoke furniture.

Use The Same Style Hangers

Having multiple styles and colours of clothes hangers can make even the most gorgeous bespoke wardrobe look like a mess. Instead of mixing plastic, metal and wood hangers, try and stick to the same throughout. If you’re on a budget and do not want to spend money investing in wooden hangers, then you can stick with the metal ones as long as you have the same of everything.

Compartmentalize Into Zones

Organize the interior of your wardrobe into zones, such as shoes, work wear, evening gear, accessories and so on. If you categorize the interior of your wardrobe it is then easier to structure the layout and ensure you keep all similar items together. Another way of creating a zoning system is to separate your clothes into items, such as trousers, dresses, T-shirts, shirts etc. That way everything is easy to find, without you having to search through your whole wardrobe in order to find one specific piece of clothing.

Choose Your Most-used Items

When arranging the categories for your clothes in your wardrobe, you also want to make sure your most-used items are easily accessible. For example, if you frequently use scarves you do not want them stored on a top shelf, out of reach. This also works in reverse, so if there are items you hardly ever use, such as winter jackets or formal attire, then you can store them in your wardrobe in a place that is out of the way and so freeing up more space for the items you use all the time.

Rearrange Your Shelves And Rails

If most of your clothes need to be hung on rails but you find your wardrobe has more drawers or shelf space, then the interiors of the furniture do not fit in with your lifestyle. With the work of a handyman, it is quite simple to rearrange the rails and shelves to fit your needs. By doing so you are able to create a custom furniture interior in your wardrobe and make the maximum use of the space available.

Invest In Baskets Or Boxes

If you have a lot of shelving space in your wardrobe then you can make the most use out of the space by having some baskets or boxes on each shelf to house your smaller items, such as accessories or small clutch bags and purses. This can also help the interior of your wardrobe look a lot neater, and help you keep it tidy for longer.

Group Your Shoes Into Colours

Shoes can make even the most beautiful custom furniture look messy as they are all different sizes, colours and ages. One way to help your shoe section of your wardrobe – or your shoe cabinet – to look clean and tidy is to organize them by colour. Within each colour you can then group them into the different styles of shoes, such as all black heels together, followed by black sandals, followed by black loafers and so on.

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