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5 Modern Ideas For A Custom-made TV Cabinet

Are you struggling to find the right TV unit for your living room style? Maybe you’ve found options you like but they’re either out of your price range or not available where you live?


Why not have your dream TV unit custom-built – giving you a piece of unique modern furniture that you will cherish for years to come.


Here we look at five styles to bear in mind when you’re thinking about having a TV unit custom-made.   


Have A System Made To Look Built In

By building out a custom piece of furniture, you will be able to create a TV unit that looks like it’s been built into the wall. Easy and affordable to create, a built-in unit looks sleek and sophisticated and lasts the test of time as it won’t date or appear old-fashioned.


Have A Floating TV

If you have a TV bench but instead attach the TV to the wall above using a TV bracket, you will be able to create a floating TV look, which is super stylish and versatile. Add two or so floating shelves above and you have a comprehensive, custom designed TV unit that will look great. This also lends itself well to those who regularly upgrade their TVs and the space won’t restrict you to a certain size.


L Shaped Unit

Another popular modern option when it comes to custom built TV cabinets is to have an L-shape piece of furniture designed. The bottom would be your standard TV bench, with space for your TV and cable boxes, and the vertical L can be used for storage, books or as open shelving that you can accessorize.


Make A TV Wall Feature

If you’re placing your TV on a wall that has no other furniture, you’re able to create a feature wall for it to sit in front of. Whether that’s woodwork on the wall such as paneling or geometric designs, wallpaper or brightly painted wall, creating a feature out of the wall is the perfect solution for those that don’t like the TV to be too prominent in the design of their living room.


Keep It Simple

One way to have a simple, yet elegant, design for your custom-built TV cabinet is to have a standalone bench, and nothing else. The bench can have closed doors for storage or be completely open. Having something simple like this means the rest of the living room design can speak out, and eyes don’t instantly go to the TV when you enter the room. This is always popular with those that like a minimal, clutter-free design. Add some artwork such as large framed posters either side of the bench and you’re good to go.


If you’re planning on having a TV cabinet or unit custom-built, hopefully these ideas will help you before you get started. Always consider a mix of design and functionality when planning a piece of custom furniture and you won’t ever be disappointed with the outcome!

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