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4 Steps To Remember When Designing Your Perfect Wardrobe

Close your eyes and imagine the wardrobe of your dreams. Is it filled with perfectly organized compartments? Rows of racks for your shoes? Different size sections to perfectly fit your long dresses or suits without squashing anything? Sliding wardrobe doors or a walk-in closet?

Well, who said your dream wardrobe can’t become a reality?

Creating your ideal wardrobe design isn’t as farfetched as you may think. As long as you’re willing to think out and plan exactly what you’re looking for, you will be able to design the right wardrobe to fit your space and fill your needs.

Here we look at four tips to help you create your perfect wardrobe design for your bedroom from scratch.

Start With Functionality

You may have always wanted a walk-in closet or rows to display your handbags, but the first thing you need to question is: Is this really functional? Do you have space to include all of these dreamy features? A great way to start is by looking at the contents of your wardrobe: your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Perhaps you have an endless amount of clothes that can be folded or need more hanging space than drawer space. Perhaps you don’t actually have enough space in your bedroom to have a wardrobe that allows unique compartments for every item. Or maybe your dream of having display shoe racks won’t look so good when it’s only filled with a couple of pairs of shoes!

Once you have in mind exactly what you need lifestyle-wise, measure up the space you have for the wardrobe and consider walking-around space so that you won’t be opening the doors or drawers too close to the bed or any other furniture.

Consider Colors

You may think that having a colored wardrobe will look great with your current bedroom, but will this style last the test of time? You may love the color now but may not in a few years. When you’re designing a piece of furniture from scratch you want it to last a long time, so opting for more neutral colors such as white or cream or having the wardrobe sliding doors in mirror instead will be a safer bet.

Having built in or custom-made wardrobes is a great selling feature to any home, so having them made in a neutral color that will be appreciated by people with all tastes will also help you when it comes to selling your house.

Focus On Organization

It’s no good having a beautifully designed wardrobe if the organization inside is all over the place. As well as having to look good, remember the main function of a wardrobe is to store your clothes, so don’t let the design from the outside override your main objective inside. When organizing how the inside of your wardrobe should look, consider what items you use most often and put their compartments at the optimal place within the wardrobe to easily view and reach them. For example, if you never use suits, then you don’t need to have them stored front and centre, whereas if you use T-shirts every day these should be the first thing you access when you open the wardrobe.

Remember Lighting

Now you have all of your clothes well organized you need to be able to see them properly, so good lighting is key! If you’re not able to have lighting within the wardrobe itself then make sure you position downlighting above the outside of the wardrobe doors or have large floor lamps nearby so that the beautiful new design is well lit at all times.

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