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4 Features You Need In Your New Kitchen

Are you planning a new kitchen design and lost on what you should go for?

From kitchen cabinet styles to drawer inserts and the materials used, there’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a modern kitchen design. But to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed or miss anything, we’ve listed four features you need to consider in your new kitchen.

Slow Closing Drawers And Doors

Slow closing doors or drawers aren’t anything new, but they may be something you simply forget when planning your new kitchen design. Not only do these save you time and the pain of your kids or family constantly slamming cupboard doors but also they add an elegant touch to any design. In fact, many people looking at high-end kitchens will automatically assume they will have slow closing drawers and kitchen cabinets, meaning that this is something buyers will look at when you come to sell your home in the future.

Pantry Compartments

You can never have enough storage in kitchens and when it comes to organizing such storage, you really want to pay attention to your panty compartments. With the likes of Marie Kondo and de-cluttering being a big trend at the moment, more and more people are paying attention to the insides of their kitchen cabinets – and so should you. Consider drawer dividers; different level shelves for stacking particular items; herb compartments; and space for jars for storing cupboard goods.

Integrated Technology

Having integrated technology will instantly turn a modern kitchen from okay to outstanding. From smart kitchen appliances like a fridge that lets you know what food items you’re running short on or a quick, self-regulating toaster to a Wi-Fi-controlled coffee machine and automatic hand soap dispensers, the list of gadgets to include in your new kitchen design is endless. However these tech items can quickly add up in price, so make sure you‘re only opting for items that you will either use or will add value to your home.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is a major factor when designing a new kitchen, with the majority of us now wanting to make our homes as green as possible. While there is certain technology that can help with this is the kitchen, you will also want to make sure your kitchen cabinets are made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, such as sustainable or recycled wood and never plastic. While it can be time-consuming to research what types of sustainable materials can be used in kitchens, the easiest way to assure you’re being as green as possible in your new kitchen design is by using a reputable kitchen or furniture manufacturer with a solid reputation for maintaining sustainability standards.

If you bear the above four features in mind when you come to work on your new kitchen design, you will be able to create a modern, functional and valuable new heart of your home.

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